Because political risk shouldn't be a gamble.

The world is more complicated than ever. The old methods leave you exposed to risk and carry high costs. Two Lanterns is here to fix that.


Team Training

Wish you could do more with the team you already have? Two Lanterns will teach your organization how to use the latest in political risk analysis. Our courses and simulations instill the best practices for navigating an uncertain global environment.

Team trainings are flexible and can be conducted on-site from one half-day to three full days. Trainings are best conducted in groups of 25 or fewer. Multiple engagements are eligible for bulk discounts.


Embedded Consultants

Need political risk analysis, but don’t have time to staff up? Bring on a Two Lanterns consultant.

Our consultant comes to your organization with Two Lanterns’ cutting-edge political risk methodology and workflow. They work with your organization to identify the challenge, facilitate input from stakeholders, research the issues, and develop a solution. The process is collaborative and harnesses the capabilities of Two Lanterns and your organization.


Risk Reports

Are you looking for some analysis but don't want changes in your workplace? Let Two Lanterns produce a risk report for you. Tell us what you need and we'll use our methodology to create a risk report that's right for you.

Reports are designed to be both accurate and digestible. They employ data visualization, graphical elements, and concise writing to make a report you can actually read.


Why Two Lanterns

Political risk used to be simple. There were just a few world powers and things moved slowly. We could make accurate assessments with fewer tools and less time.

Fast-forward to the Arab Spring, Brexit, trade wars - the world is more diverse, more complicated, and the biggest events seem to come out of nowhere. So if the world has changed, shouldn’t our analysis change with it?

We formed Two Lanterns to address this chasm - a more complicated world needs a deeper and more robust way of analyzing and forecasting political risk. We use our expertise and experience to deliver political risk analysis in a new and more accurate way. We draw from behavioral economics, international relations, intelligence studies, and continuous research in the practice of political risk.

We also wanted to change how we work with clients. In addition to offering multiple services, we want you to come away from our work knowing more about the world and feeling more confident about your investment or next action. Our goal is to be there for you and to be there with you, from beginning to end. Get in touch with us today and we can talk about how Two Lanterns can help you.


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